Ninja invincible - a new game ninja revenge 2014

If you are a fan of ninja, i’m sure that you know about android game ninjas as Yoo Ninja, Ninja revenge, Clumsy Ninja or ninja turtle game. They are great ninja games 2014. But do you know what trending of ninja games 2014?
You needn’t wait, the answer is “Ninja Invincible” - new game ninja has release on May 2014. You never see any game like that before. It’s unique and was lovely designed by RedPlay studio.
Casting is a black ninja, you’ll go conquer the game level by killing the orange ninja. You must use the skills of deft hands, the accurate calculation of distance space, time of the top player to pass 20 levels.

  • Drag and slide the black ninja to orange ninja location of enemies to kill.
  • You can only slide 3 times in each level. Take advantage of the 3 slashes accurate and the most intelligent to conquer the increasingly difficult challenges in the game.
    Note: The game is not for sissies, or the fool who lack patience. Let’s go with “Ninja Invincible” and become invincible and the world’s No. 1 ninja.

Paid version: Ninja invincible VIP
Free version: Ninja invincible free

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