Nick Davies form airpush help me how to make 100$ a day from apps using airpush.

Hello friends,
At first i was making 5-10$ from using admob and any other ad networks.Than i join airpush ad network and my revenue boosted to 20-30$ and ask any tips to Nick Davies for developers.He advise me to make any apps as you can.And post it to third party store as much u can.Nick advise me to post to Mobogenie too.
At first i don’t know that we can publish app to mobogenie.I was thinking that it is getting apps from play store only.
So now i am able to make 100$ a day from apps using their special sdk that is bundle 2 sdk.
In my opinion airpush is best ad network till now.They have many types of sdk to choose from Bundle 1 sdk,standard sdk,(universal sdk,bundle 2 sdk only for third party store).And support from nick davies is so responsive.

I have read quite a few posts claiming how airpush bundle 2 greatly increased their revenue.
Currently, i am earning $12 to $17 a day from other ad network.
Would i be getting more revenue if i implement airpush bundle 2?
Is it necessary to remove all other ad network units in order to implement airpush bundle 2?

Are these other app stores trustworthy?

I just dont like the idea of uploading an apk file to 3rd party sites just to have them then decompile the apk and take the code / assets.

any apk file can be decompiled regardless of what appstore they are published. Even if you obfusticate your code it is still possible to extract source code.

Hey guys.

I think that most of these 3rd party sites are legit. If they wanted to decompile your apps to steal your stuff, they could just as easily find your app in Google Play or any other market and do it. I would recommend starting with Opera, MoboGenie and Samsung.

It is not necessary to remove other networks when using the Bundle 2 as well, but I would recommend it.
Let me know if you want to try it out with your email address and I can enable any accounts.

Aipush Nick

Hi @AirpushNick,

I am actually all ready a member, have been for a few years, just not realy done much with it but I might give it a go over the next week or so.

Also, I submitted an app to Opera about a week ago and they still havnt approved it or otherwise, any ideas how long their process normaly takes?

Hi NuggetGames,

If you can PM me your email address from Airpush so I can take a look at your account.
I’d check on your Opera app submission that you enabled the app and your account has been approved. Maybe shoot their support a message. Apps don’t take that long to be approved.


ya I also agree. Having ads from other networks in an app which already has airpush in-app ads will be too much.


sent that PM.

Almost impossible to make new accounts now on Opera due to the massive spam and they have shut down numerous accounts recently. Check your spam folder in your email to see if they emailed you wanting a valid photo id or proof you own the apps.

Yeah the same thing happen to me but when I showed them the proof they reopened the account. Make sure all the apps you upload are yours and make sure you don’t make a ton of the same app.

What markets you are using? 20-30? Or just the biggest mobogenie, amazon, slideme, opera? I have 400 old apps on hdd, ready to add bundle 2 and publish.

how will u find time to integrate bundle 2 sdk into these 400 apps man.

  1. First paste jar, xml and manifest into project
  2. Create app in console
  3. Edit manifest
  4. Edit Java code
  5. Check everything working fine
  6. Create apk
  7. Upload apk and meta data on stores

Don’t you think you will go crazy doing all this?

You have javaexp in nick and can’t understand java? You can make simple app to integrate your ad network SDK automaticaly, also you can make for example ringtone app generator, make nice template app, put sdk inside, next some generator, put mp3 files inside (you need many copyleft and creative common files but there are so many free sites with them), provide app names(that will be used as package name too), app IDs for AP and click generate. After 2-3 days of work you have 50 or unlimited apps depends your template. You can have many templates and generators.

Make everything in eclipse is madness, so think how to make your life easier.

lol u are a true spammer

Jealous? You can have good app or game with insane quality and not earn more than $1, waste 10k$ for development and 3-5 months of your work. Sorry, people have a different models, some people are scrimping, earning 5$/day in many, many months and are happy to make $1 more. People like me treat android as main revenue. Goal is to make a day cash, what can give you opportunity to get into iOS and windows phone with some great unity3d games but you have to have enough daily income to hire people, make nice team, buy graphics, invest in marketing. Ill not give you any info about daily earnings from shitty apps, less competition is better for me but I can tell that it’s smashing everything here, higher are only good big games with IAP.

What type of proof did you showed them? I sent them direct link to my site where all apps are published as well but it’s was not enough, they said " you didn’t prove your ownership of published app". How to prove the ownership of an app?

So true 100+ 10 second shitty apps that take only a day to develop will earn way more than 2-3 good quality apps that take weeks to months to create.

I think it’s sadly and not fair that talented developers and designers will always loose with spam but that is google market rule, for example on moderated windows store, developer can only send 100 free apps and unlimited paid, so spam isn’t so big as in Google Play. In the past I had normal apps but google banned it without reason in 2011.

Hi Guys, any tips for uploading app to mobogenie ? it seem the always reject my live wallpaper without telling the reason.
any advice would be really helpful.