Niche for US market?

Guys living in US, pls. share some data regarding best nich for non-game apps.

Since I am from India, I can tell about what works best in India play store: 1) Hindu Religious prayer apps (Text and Audio) 2) Hollywood movies info and youtube apps (though they are illegal, but still these apps don’t get banned) 3) IIT/CAT/Bank exam preparation apps

Likewise, can some one share about what users in US look for in general. Its more of a cultural question than an android question.

I am not from US, but the same thing is even here where I live.
Most of the apps that users use here are the same as in India.
Mostly they try to use the third option:
3) IIT/CAT/Bank exam preparation apps

i am also from india, i have made an app named ‘gta 5 cheats’ and most of my users are from US only :stuck_out_tongue:
since gta 5 is a big hit in US…

This is giving you $10 oer day?

yeah…after i added inters. ad…is it weird?

no it is awesome.

wse u know, u will not find as much cheat codes and tricks in any other app as mine, but still other apps have so much downloads, but i am happy :slight_smile:

ummmm, Google will be removing the GTA app sooner than later and considering that you only have 2 apps and they are both copyright infringing they will most likely terminate your play account, enjoy while it lasts

what!!..what should i do then?..

who told you that. just look around the play store. Its filled with many more crappy apps. Google has more severe copyright issues to handle than this miniature one.

what !! what should i do then?..wse i have seen many these types of copyrights apps on the market since forever.
my friends has this batman torch, green katern torch since 1 yr and nothing happened.and he have made ‘fake windows 8 launcher’ which has got millions of downloads. but i don’t want my account to be terminated.what should i do? remove it now?

no need to remove. just stop talking about it so that too many people don’t raise objection. BTW “temple run cheats” also returns similar results and so is “subway surfer cheats” and I guess so will “angry birds cheats”

ok thanx, that post gave me such tension…!:frowning:

do what you want man but javaexp you are too smart to give shitty advice, follow this link and see the results starting on this page near the bottom, 283 search results for Grand Theft Auto, 55 active apps and 228 removed from the store lol

Search | App Annie App Store Data

yes these kind of apps have very short life time and to publish such apps is always debatable. but once you have gone with such idea, no harm in earning some $$$

thanks for these advices…:slight_smile:
i am working on my third app and (with no copyrights issue) and will publish it.hope that will save my account.