Next Business Tycoon 3 - Economy under attack released!

Next Business Tycoon 3 Android game has been released!

Always wanted to become a Business Tycoon capitalist and run your own company but didn’t have the chance? this is the place for you! Next Business Tycoon - economy under attack is a super realistic tycoon game in which you manage your own company in the way to become the world strongest business company!

First choose a location on the global map then start developing your company - concessions, transportation, resources, research and development and many more!

** New in Next Business Tycoon 3 **

Build and train army units. The world is now controlled by rich companies who use their money and power to force their control over the world economy.
In order to advance to the top you need to base on your strong economy to train and maintain large and strong army.
Using your army you can also attack your rivals destroying or stealing their assets and resources.

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