Making Money with Android

Newbie Question Regarding App's Discoverability & Geography.

Hi! I’m Ertha from Thailand. I’m actually experienced search engine marketer so i have some idea to make an android application that would satisfy the demand.

However i need to know a lot more thing, but i would make the question as specific as possible so it would be easier for you guys to help me (I wish! :slight_smile: )

Now my #1 Question is about : How the app store listing on each country.

Actually now i just want to develop an app to serve Thai users, but i often see some foreign apps in search results (some have Thai title but English description)

So will it be the setting that we can decide what country our app will be appeared? or it sorting by IP and language used like Google’s algorithm?

The final question would be that will my app appear only in my country or it will be appear in other country’s store as well. What if i want to to make another listing specifically for each country?


You can set the application’s visibility by countries/devices I am not sure if it works by IP.

And as well you can have different layouts/resources by the language or even device country while developing the app.

I would recommend having one app that is open for all the countries and only change the store listing for every country so you will have more total downloads and better ranking.