Newbie in need of some advise!

I need your advice can you please tell if my business model has a ch

I just started building apps at the end of January 2015. I’ve been doing this for a month before this i was a blogger. I made a decent amount from blogging but the competition and the algorithm changes in the Google search engine basically made my business model unprofitable.

So i decided to hire a programer who would create a puzzle app source code for me. My business model is to target a niche audience and contiously provide them the niche app by re-skinning the app.

I published my first app in mid January and it is now February 23rd, so it definitely a month since I’ve been doing this.

Here is a detailed summary of what i did so far:

  1. I spend around $30 on 3 different Facebook ad campaigns (App Installs) targeting different audience each time. Here are the result for the latest $10 ad campaign from facebook I got almost 300 clicks internationally (English speaking audience). Of those 300 clicks only 16 actually installed my app. and some of them even installed other apps. I spend $.04 cents a click.

  2. I have a total of 17 apps published on Google Play Store (I also made these 17 apps available on Amazon App Store) i currently have 71 active installs for all the apps combined. here are some pictures.



  1. I use Admob interstitial ads only. The Ad is shown after the puzzle is solved. There are 6 difficulty levels and around 120 puzzles in each app. Here are some pics from Admob based on a 30 day report




This is the latest 14 day report (includes boost from $30 of Advertising):

2595 Request - 1959 Impressions - 95.26% Fill Rate - 31 Clicks - 1.58% Impression CTR - $0.89 Request RPM - $1.18 Impression RPM - $2.32 Estimated Earnings

Most of my impressions and clicks are from United States.

This is basically it. I was planning on publishing hundreds of apps but I don’t know if that will bring me any money in the long run.

Please give me advice, if i should continue or quit? and tell me what i am doing wrong or right.

You did not provide any links to your apps so its hard to give any advice, but most likely:

  1. You need to work on ASO
  2. You need to work on icons and screenshots
  3. Spamming with the same app reskinned is not safe, especially if you’re planning on uploading hundreds of apps like this. 17 re-skins is already huge.
  4. You average 20 impressions per user, either your app is amazing or you spam with interstitials way too much

5. You should make bigger breaks between releasing the apps and focus a bit on promoting them. Like, lets say, releasing 1 app per 2 weeks, doing some review-exchanges for each app to get good fake reviews. You could do some posting on social media too.
6. If you succeed building user base, you might do house ads. These are usually more successful than normal ads if you promote similar app. It could eventually boost your ranking to get ranked on top free, or just rank better for some keyword.

#1 rule for me - if it costs me a dime, Im not working on the app.

You need to do everything yourself at this stage. Hiring out work to programmers etc is like throwing money into a hole. Every app you can think of has been done to death.

Create simple apps that YOU can write and aim at niche markets. Then if it makes nothing, all you lose is sweat equity.

Good luck.

Making 17 reskins of one app is not gonna make you any money.
You have a better chance of getting banned

You’re gonna get picked apart real quick here.

If I was you, I would stick to blogging, thats my advice, you don’t know what you’re dealing with here and it shows.

This kind of thing would have worked a few years ago, but it just won’t now.

Today’s market in a nutshell: If you aren’t bringing value to users Google will shut you down.

Create something valuable to users, not just reskinning same app all the time… Focus on 1 excellent app