New word game (WordzApp) - Find words in words (more details in desc)

I am new to this forum, and released a new app on google store.

Please take a look and leave your feedback here and on google play (ratings and reviews are welcome), I am willing to do the same for your apps as return.

Thank you so much!

Find Words in Words is a completely different word game, find interesting words in the given word based on the hints. Find answers hidden in a meaningful word!!!
Option to SKIP questions after 120 seconds



Thanks for the private messages, reviews and ratings!

I have done the same thing for the guys sent private messages

Done, rated, reviewed, G+ as alanbush2. Please do the same

The game looks good, but its title and first screenshot are horrible, you should improve those!. Good luck :wink:

Done, rated, reviewed, G+ as Israel Micha. Please do the same

Done with name is King, msg is Awesome . Please do the same : Thanks.