New update not beeing upgraded?

I have released a new update a few days ago. I have 100k active users and 3k downloads per day. Last updated in day 1, 15k upgraded and day 2 26k. This time 1k and 3k while I have more active users. What is going on? See screenshot…Untitled.jpg

I did add a lot of new permissions but still, very unusual behavior. Is Google perhaps spreading out the upgrades? I don’t get it. Please help

Even when I’ve added lots of permissions I’ve never had a difference like you have there. Don’t know what to suggest really. Could just be your app’s lost popularity?

no, I am still getting 3k installs, but upgrades don’t upgrade :confused:

may be people are actually reading the “what’s new” field…
Last time when you released you must have had a really good new feature…this time you may not have added feature or forgot to fill that field…
but still it’s strange…

I can confirm that’s a strange situation, cause i updated my app a couple of days ago and everything was normal

New permission can be a reason, read comments, maybe people are not updating because some comment mentions those permissions.

Did you check how many device available on your newer version?

I dunno, it’s very strange. It can’t be that the other upgrade was better, because the only think I did then is adding a banner. Now I added a banner and startapp and a wall. My users are kids, they don’t read that stuff that much.

Supported Android devices
3246 devices
API levels
Screen layouts
4 screen layouts

default language only
3 features

Required permissions
31 permissions

OpenGL ES versions
OpenGL textures
all textures
Uploaded on
Jul 7, 2013 5:10:38 PM

and almost no negative comments. still getting 3k downloads per day as usual but people are not upgrading :S

why does it say 99.53% behind version 20 (this is the new upgrade)

here is an odd set of upgrade stats for you from one of my apps.

app downloaded 114k times - amount of users / version

15,850 - 6
228 - 5
87 - 4
13,393 - 3
1,405 - 2
5,094 - 1

I’m pretty sure where the problem is. I’ve upgraded the app to version 21 and I have version 20 installed so i went to google play on my phone and I could only choose open/uninstall. I saw that the new version was 21 but the update button just said open as usual. Why is this happening??? I need a fix asap please!

anyone?? :confused:

It just can’t be so… How come you have version 20 in your phone, and you cant upgrade to version 21… I see two ways of how it can be according to your words:

  1. You have version 21 in your phone, that’s why you can’t upgrade and the market shows to you open/uninstall
  2. The version 21 is not in production. Have a look in to the console, and make sure that all the older versions are in unpublished status, and 21 version has in prod status. Also make sure you did not put it in alpha or beta release.

About why people are not upgrading: It happens, maybe not all of your active installs are real users who use your app often. That’s why the upgrades is not so big.
and the last thing which could cause it: probably Google thinks that you’ve released multiple apks for one app? So, that means for some devices it will offer the version 20 and for some new and better devices( according to your manifest) will show version 21…

I bet I came out with all possible reasons…))

version that upgraded correctly last time went
Version code 1
Version name 1.1
Version code 8
Version name 1.8

Now I tried upgrading

Version code 8
Version name 1.8
Version code 18
Version name 18

Please advise!

you prob should contact google play support. its an odd problem that i doubt anyone here can really help you with.