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I have an app which has reached 1000 impressions in ad-mob with over 150 installs. Now my question is will I get any money for these impressions or is ad-mob completely based on Click on the ad?

If so can you please let me know any other provider I can use which follow all the Google norms? Help would be really appreciated.

Nowadays most networks don’t pay you for impression or click, they pay for install. AdMob is no exception as far as I’m aware.

You still often see something called eCPM, which is basically revenue for each 1000 impressions, but the ‘e’ in there stands for estimated, so actual revenue may vary wildly for different devs and/or apps.

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So Admob is also not paying me for installs they are paying only for ad clicks. I mean I my eCPM is .68$ and I have crossed 1k impressions. But they haven’t credited me the amount is there something which I am missing?

Are you an Android Developer which has fallen victim to GPLAY’s recent Ad policy changes? Are you no longer getting what you expected from Airpush, Startapp, Leadbolt, etc?

Have you heard about AppKey ? ?

  1. AppKey is an out-of-app monetization & discovery platform designed exclusively for Android.

  2. AppKey is the first to combine the hyper-local potential of home screen advertising with the user incentive of free apps and content.

  3. AppKey is (and always has been) compliant with Google’s new ad policy because its a fast and easy opt-in model.

Please check out our 90 second AppKey intro video or contact us about our compliant Google ad policy.


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AppFlood started out as a CPI (cost per install) only network but werecently added CPC (cost per click), and CPM (cost per 1000 impressions) is coming soon, probably this week or next.

The way it works for us is that the advertiser chooses which kind of campaign they want to run. AppFlood is totally transparent, so as a publisher you’ll be able to see each advertiser and whether they are paying by install, click, or impression. Of course you can also see how much money each advertiser is bringing you as well as other stats. So if you wanted, you could allocate all or most of your traffic to CPC campaigns, for example (although I don’t recommend doing that right off the bat - you might be surprised about which advertisers end up bringing you the most revenue). Here’s an article on allocating your traffic.