New to AdMob (and mobile ad stuff in general) - did something stupid :) Advice?

So I started an AdMob account a couple days ago to monetize a small game that I will be publishing next week. Using a Unity plugin, I just followed the instructions of the plugin to get AdMob setup etc, but didn’t know about some of the rules/policies.

As some of you can probably guess, I used one of my devices (actually associated with another Google account, but still one that I own) to test out my .apk to make sure ads were coming in and working. Did not know about adding Test ID’s for devices etc and clicked through a few banner ads and a couple interstitials. Looking at my account it looks like there’s an estimated revenue of about $2 USD

While researching about some other stuff, I came across Admob’s policies and their hangout video etc and got myself schooled on a few things - and obviously what I did inadvertently was against one of their strictest policies. It makes sense and I know better now - but my question is what do I do from here? Read my fair share of horror stories on this board and others about Google autodisabling accounts sometimes far down the line, for this kind of thing. I don’t want what I did to affect my attempts to monetize my game in the future.

Obviously don’t want to get paid for this stuff and don’t want my account banned in the future so - I’m wondering:

Can I cancel my AdMob and Google accounts (just created recently, so it’s no problem for me) and create new ones?
Send an email explaining and asking them to not credit me for those ad clicks?
Hope it blows over (not sure if this magnitude is significant enough to cause any action)?

Much appreciated!

Don’t worry that much, they will probably not ban you for something little like that.

As long as it was just few clicks , do not worry

Forgot to mention. And not sure if it is better or worse but when i clicked i would actually legitimately download the app advertised. Such as amazon local or 1800 flowers from google play.

Just wanted to see how the whole process worked (as i habitually never click banner ads) Maybe this is why it is $2 for a few clicks.

Appreciate the comments. My other concern is that even though its small activity the app is not even launched yet. So obvious that these clicks came from me or friends and family.

Oh well will launch soon :slight_smile:

Admob doesn’t track conversions as far as I know.

Your Google accounts are linked to your identity, as long as you didn’t lie about it.
Deleting and creating new ones wouldn’t do you any good there.

You should be fine though, like others said.
Just cross your fingers :slight_smile:

Some people may disagree with me but if I were you I would cancel this admob account and create a brand new one.
Just incase they have an algorithm that runs every month to check accounts that invalid clicks, at least yours would be canceled (plus u have a stronger case to appeal a ban).

Anyways that would be me

no dude, they track mass false clicks, worse case mark as invalid clicks and deduct at month end

Off topic, but admob does track conversions now. You can run cpa campaigns and it will tell you number of installs.

My two cents on the topic: don’t worry about it. And canceling/creating another account may even look more fishy to them.