[NEW] The First Native Mining SDK to Monetize your app/apk traffic

Hello Everyone!

We are here to present you a new and unique way to monetize your app traffic through our newly launched platform: mim and the first and only Native Mining SDK

  1. Any type of app traffic can be monetized (apks or regular apps, adult or not, etc)
  2. Any GEO traffic can be monetized (from Venezuela to US, we deliver profit to any geo)
  3. Instant payments to your wallet. No scrubbing, traffic performance issues, net30 payments or whatsoever.

How i do it? The integration of our mining sdk to your apps/apks will not take more than couple of minutes and in our site you will find several use cases and the relevant documentation.

Use our mining sdk as alternative to ads or payments monetization or combined with those solutions.

We can meet in any top event of the affiliate advertising industry.

mim.zone Team