New site - will be interested to use it?

I just invented the new idea with couple developers like mmmkkkss, Didlak and others, it will be multiwork. Want to ask you if you are interested, we are making it even the poll will be 100% no but we want to know your opinions. Release this month.
We united to connect our knowledge and concentrate it in one website.

The site is monetization center for developer with knowledge, blackhat also:

  1. ASO techniques, even new, not used before. SEO for apps.
  2. Avoiding Google bans tutorials, detecting google bot, creating new google accounts etc.
  3. Getting a lot downloads, tricks and tips
  4. Android development guide from zero to guru(later)
  5. Monetization techniques, standard and blackhat, mediation and tests for users
  6. Ad networks reviews, experience, descriptions and ranking
  7. A lot of blackhat stuff
  8. Source codes for download
  9. Video tutorials (later)
  10. Closed android forum with support
  11. Much more

There will be plans for use it:
-free (some 50 articles)
-paid, yes, sorry but knowledge costs (200+ articles, blackhat seo, etc.) + support forum, closed forum - we want to create a group where users can share their knowledge in “secret circle”
*paid plans for example $40 for section ASO with 20 long articles with screenshot and guide
*section monetization for example $50 for access to 30 long articles…
*full access, price depends our content

This is exciting, We always needed an indie developers community that could support us. Specially when it comes to ad networks reviews, google regulations , and how to get downloads without going the big companies approach -burning lots of money on advertising-.

Good luck,

so you mean like another forum like this one and 100 other ones? except it will be paid?

how about someone create a decent android forum without bullshit spam threads and appoint credible members of this forum as moderators on the new one so none of this nonesense and self promotion garbage is allowed. and ban people for insulting each other.

Hah, I made a forum …for 5 days, I promoted here…14 people registered and stopped to fight for users. Nobody wants new forum. If you want to fight, start it yourself :wink:

yup apps themselves loosing the golden shine now. early adopters always earn the best

maybe nobody wanted YOUR forum, did you ever think about that?

what about the slack channel guys ?? easier and with something new at least!! not just an other forum … cause I guess for android this is the one and only forum !!

appoint moderators here itself. this forum is known by many developers. hence lots of content and info is filled and ready to come in future.

i have experience of 3 years moderations in 2 forums.

Any closed forum can be infiltrated by spammers, law enforcement and Google employees. Also, paid login credentials can be shared between many people.
I don’t recommend using blackhat techniques because this can get all accounts and apps banned.

nice idea but so many have tried and failed. It’s not easy, this forum was great at one point and there was no need for another, but now it’s not even monitored properly . Good luck with your new forum, post or PM the URL when you get in up and running

Hi @ramzixp,

These are the most important points to start from, in my opinion.
If I had to choose between them, I’d start with “Avoiding Google bans tutorials”, which I think can be very helpful to a lot of developers (mainly because no guide for that exists yet). It can also help a lot with your own site’s SEO.
Also, monetization methods are reviewed all the time, but I haven’t seen a place where standard monetization has been compared to Black Hat monetization. If you do it right (maybe as a guide to help developers understand which monetization method they should Choose. Maybe :slight_smile: ), it might attract a lot of developers to your site.

Good luck! I hope it goes well.