New SDK–added with up to 1.5c pay per users in all GEO, huge eCPM increase! Must read

Hi developers,

Sometime an SDK release is just an SDK release. Not this time. We truly believe we have a groundbreaking revenue formula on our hands.

So, what makes this new SDK so special?

  1. “Send by mail” function – in the interstitial itself, the user is offered to engage with the offer at a later date, by sending it to his email address. This additional engagement tool alone will increase conversions by %40-%100.
  2. Pay per user - once the user closes an ad, he is offered to register to receive apps or to update his mobile browser homepage. Appnext will pay 1c for each email registration and 0.5c for each browser update, for all countries! The registration offers are non-intrusive and will be shown once every few days.

In addition, we made our interstitial full screen, and made it load faster, but that’s not the main issue here. The big news the significant increase in eCPMs. We saw anywhere between 50 and 350 percent increase in eCPM, with the average increase in a single app around 170%.

So, yes – I’d say that this new SDK is truly something different, at least when considering the eCPM’s. And of course, It’s Google compliant.

Feel free to contact me, sigh up to appnext or just update your SDK (if you are already working with us). Here’s a linkto the new SDK guide, for you to check out.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Looks good. I am integrating but the integration document doesn’t exactly tell how to hide the bubble on back button press. If I place appnext.hideBubble() in onbackPressed method of main activity then also the app exits while the purpose of tapping back button was to hide the bubble.

Couldn’t wait. Here is the code if you are displaying apnext bubble in mainactivity:

public void onBackPressed() {
if(appnext.isShown()) {
} else {

Hi Javaexp,

Thank you for that. If there are any questions, feel free to email me:
[email protected]

Please let us know about your experience with the new product.

Since I had not got time to test you and mobile core thoroughly because your sdk has < 1% installs as per appbrain. As of now, I see appnext and mobilecore at same level. Will post back with the results.