New Pollfish Android SDK v3 is out and is compliant with Google ad identifier!

Hello everyone,

At Pollfish we would like to announce the release of our new Android SDK v3. This SDK uses Advertising ID as requested by Google Play Developer Program Policy to be applied by 1st of August 2014. Why you should care about Advertising ID? Read our latest blog post about the new era with Google’s Advertising ID.

Moreover, with Pollfish new Android SDK v3 you will be able to take advantage of our new rich survey experience. This new experience will drive more inventory through your apps and increase your earnings through Pollfish platform.

You can download:

[li]Pollfish Android Google Play SDK v3 here
[/li][li]Pollfish Android Universal SDK v3 here

If anyone has any questions or concerns just drop me a message, I will be happy to help. :slight_smile:



Pollfish new SDK.jpg