New Play Store for Web

Seems like the play store interface for web changed.

What can we do to cope with these changes?

There seems to be a number of changes here…

It looks like the web interface (frontend) for Google Play just got a new look. They’ve gone for more of a grid layout, with most data loaded dynamically using AJAX.

Google Play - New Look.jpg

I was just discussing this with @Jagger on IRC, who first pointed it out to me. It seems to fit in with the style of the new Play Store on Android, as well as the latest Google Maps. But it’s missing a few important features. There are no longer multiple pages of search results - you can only see the top results for any query. And featured graphics seems to have disappeared altogether.

What do you think of the new look?

Kind of uncomfortable to those used to the new look - let’s see how it seems once it is familiar.

Seems to mirror the info on android devices. Though unlike android devices, here again the Description is above the Recent Changes section.

There is NO chart showing the daily downloads per day progress (so now that info is not available anywhere ?).

The sections are dynamic - resize etc. I guess the presentation of the reviews is better - you can see more with them in a 2D layout (grid) rather than linear.

Searching for keywords, the results are presented in 2D layout (grid) - which means your app maybe visible more (and those at the top find more competition) - esp. if your icon is eye-catching etc.

There are still too many rows being used for extraneous stuff in this mode - in the 2D layout of results they should have just placed search text box and results - for better use of screen real-estate.

Icon ad quality and graphics for the screenshots become even more important - as they are highlighted even more by these changes.

But this is only web changes which drives less than 1% traffic?

Am I seeing it right and the promo graphcis (1024x500) are no longer visible? Maybe it’s no longer a good idea to spend time or money making a professional looking one then?

I agree, no point in spending time on featured graphics.
It will only get used in the rare event where the app gets featured (?)

Is it me, or there is no option to see all the comments made to an app? And it has the tendency to highlight the 1 star comments in my 4+ stars apps.

I can’t find a single place where the promo graphics are being used.

You can scroll right through the comments - HOWEVER, I noted that not all of the developer comments are shown - i.e. I couldn’t see some comments I made in the 2nd and later screens.

Some of the shorter developer comments did appear however.

These comments meanwhile were visible before …

ohh, i hate this new interface, i think it is horrible! So much info missing now (feature graphic, number of rates under the logo, downloads graphics, etc)

OMG this is so BAD! I noticed massive download drop 2 days ago, and couldn’t figure it out why, and today I’ve found out why. My apps cannot be found. Only in “similar” section. They only show 48 results for searched term. There is no “More” button or something like that on the button. 48 results is all you get. I don’t know, this must be some mistake or something.

EDIT: You can see on the image how I see the new Google Play.

When did your downloads drop? the 15th? Starting from the 13th my downloads drop by 50%…

Yes, 15th.

I doubt these desktop version changes would affect apps downloads in any way. 99.99% users search for apps right from their phone.

Someone added new app after change play store for web ? I mean app with no support ad campaign. New app is showing in search results? Only 48 results, it is joke for me.

I did and it shows but I put it in my house ads (1k clicks during 4 days).

This is a mess - If you do an app search on google play you can only see the first 48 apps. There is no next button to keep browsing.
Also a search from my mobile - it’s difficult to see anything as the drop down covers half the screen - cannot turn it off.
In conclusion - a disgrace!

DEPLORE and DETEST the new interface :mad:

I think I don’t have to say why, I hate it.

I really hate that there are no promo graphic anymore. That was a great thing to differentiate your app from the rest.

This cannot be correct. i thought this was only happening in Thailand. This has to be a mistake by programmers at google! I have sent them an email but i assume i will not get a response.