New Native In-stream Ads SDK from Avocarrot

Hey guys,

we launched a new version of Avocarrot’s Native Ads SDK. The update includes native in-stream ads which are ideal for Android apps that contain newsfeeds or generally make use of list view components.

Social giants rely on them
Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and some of the most downloaded apps on Google Play rely on in-stream ad technology they’ve built in-house to generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue. The same technology is now available to all Android developers through the Avocarrot SDK.

Extra revenue to what you make already
You don’t have to switch from your favorite mobile ad network or remove your IAPs. Native in-stream ads let you monetize a new location in your app that previously was not possible and you will now have an additional revenue stream at hand.

Mobile ads that don’t annoy users
Users hate ads that disturb them. Avocarrot’s native in-stream ads will match the look and feel of your app and are designed to respect user experience and be clearly distinguishable for Google Play policy compliance.

Express native ads integration
It will take you only 15mins to be up and running. There is a detailed walkthrough, multiple code examples, an open-source sample project and round-the-clock engineering support should you need anything.

Global ad availability & fast payments
With a single SDK integration you’ll get immediate access to multiple premium native ad exchanges available, to achieve the best possible eCPM and a consistently high global fill rate. Payments are also made every month on a Net-30 basis.

To get started you can either check out:
a) the walkthrough at
b) the Android demo app at

Looking forward to your feedback.