New monetization method - highest rates!

Hey all,
IP Ninja monetization SDK is now available. We are proud to introduce a new innovative method to well monetize each of your users without harming their UX at all!
Please contact us for more details and start making some real money from your apps.
[email protected]

Hey! Are you talking about app monetization with user’s non-personal data?

Or you’ve managed to discover an even more easy way to drive super revenue to mobile apps? At the moment [b]data is the best-paying alternative[/b] to in-app ads with ZERO impact on the UX or the work of app.

Just curious! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks for your question.
We monetize a limited amount of the users’ routing resources - we don’t need any user-data as we are not dealing with ads.
You don’t need the users to be engaged with your app - we only need the app to be installed on users’ device.
An app developer who has 1M users will earn $30,000\month!
It is a win-win as developers are now having the opportunity to add an additional, new, lucrative revenue stream without damaging their UX.
More info you may find here =>