New in-app advertisement service Nativica - BETA test invitation

Dear Android developers,

I would like to introduce you brand new in-app advertisement service. We had developed it in 2014 and now we are working mainly with Russian speaking Android developers.
Now it is finally time to extend our audience to English speaking users, so we invite you to take part in beta testing before going public.

Key features of our service are

Easy to use – you can wrap you application with our SDK in a minute using web interface. If you have a lot of apps – you can use our offline Mass wrapper solution.
Good for beginners – we have special portal for beginners where everyone can try to construct an unique application without knowing programming language and our SDK will be automatically inserted.
Unique algorithm which inspects your Android traffic and analyzes, which network has higher PPC rates and therefore maximizes your revenue.
Different type of advertisement – banners, fullscreen ads and flexible settings for displaying ads.
Friendly online support.
Monthly payments – currently Webmoney, other currencies and types of payouts to be added soon.

So what we offer you at this time – be the first to join our advertisement service and maximize your income.
To join simply send a letter to [email protected] including your name, Skype and (optional) a few words about you and your apps. In a short time you will receive link to registration.

Why not simply post a public website link here?

Website is functioning but English version still at late development stage, so we want our betatesters to report any issues they find and offer them some extra support. Once all be ready we post public link.

Seriously , why would anybody try an ad company that has not even launched his service?? Besides, we don´t know if what you promise is true, and worst of all, what you promise is the same as what all established ad networks offer… Come on…

Dear, have you read the first post?
Our services are in operation for about a year, but before now we were available only to limited number of russian developers.
Now we are open to all and plan to perform a little final tests before public release.
Today you can be the first to try and make money

Russian network? No thanks, everything russian is shady :slight_smile: and Webmoney only?

Our service is not russian network, it is based on agregator model since we integrate many popular international ad networks in order to reach higher results on every geo zone.
Webmoney payouts are currently available, plan to add Paypal later this month