New high CPI campaigns in AU, NZ, US, GB, FR, MY & ES

Hi guys,
Letting you know we’re currently running some high paying campaigns, boosting eCPM in the countries below:
(last 7 days data)

AU - $7.6 eCPM
NZ - $4.3 eCPM
US - $3.4 eCPM
GB - $2.2 eCPM
FR - $1.8 eCPM
MY - $1.76 eCPM
ES - $1.6 eCPM

BTW, regarding the latency in data - it’s over :smiley:
Data is updated every day 1 minute after 00:00 GMT.

Questions? Let me know…


E: [email protected]
Skype: liorshkoori

Those numbers look really tempting!
How is your support for third-party markets, wherein Google Play Store may not be available on the user’s devices.

@mobileCore, I thought you were PPD network. How come you are sharing direct ecpm? Shouldn’t you be sharing earning per install? your network never worked for me.

They have interstitials, app wall and in-app slider menu. They’re not PPD, at least now, don’t know if they were before.

They have the following only:
Offer Wall Interstitial ads
Slider side menu

It looks like a CPI based network.

Hi there,
We’re not a PPD network, we pay per every install made from our app-wall/slider.
What do you mean by “direct ecpm” ?

eCPM shows you how much you can earn for every 1000 ads you show (the payment model doesn’t matter).

I am still waiting on you guys to integrate with MoPub or give some instructions on how to… I can unload some of that Australian traffic on ya!

Cool it’s going through QA now and should be ready tonight,
I’ll let you know…

are you compatible with mopub mediation ? i’m intrested then…