New Google Play store

Apps and Games in one category

Music, Books, Movies in one category

Google Play app start > category App and Games, music, books, movies hidden in second category in Action Bar

RTL support for arabian and hebrew.

So first time after Android Market was rebranded to Google Play, we have separated apps from books, movies and music. Good change for developers.

More info soon :wink:

I hope you haven’t taken google play and replicated it 1:1 using the exact same graphics and such…google does send out C&D’s for that kind of stuff.

This is info from Google Play head UI designer, from his Google Plus

For me, this new homepage of Google Play app, can increase app discovery. There are only 2 main categories and pages, ofcourse inside you can find more but still, apps and games are separated from other stuff and have own promotional badge in the top. I don’t know if search progress is also separated but I hope it is.

The most wanted thing for me is more search results than top2 and more button, they should go back to top5 or even top10

Ahh gotcha :smiley: …never even heard of him…thanks for the info! …Looks very slick actually

I agree top 2 is kind of insane…top 10 would make way more sense and give more developers an opportunity to get exposure

Top 2 is only to show Movies in small screens oO, so separated search progress is a key but I don’t know if they are going to do this or not. Actually is top1 because one position is for paid advertising ;/

did this roll out yet? i don’t see this version of gPlay on my phone…

i also have still the old version on my tablet …

I got update but new design was active for 20 minutes, they set up something on server and still old design, again I had it for couple minutes and now I have only new font and old design :slight_smile: they are changing something, guy from UI told that “soon” but not told when :slight_smile:

This does look interesting. I can understand what you are saying about app discovery - definitely agree. Even as a user, top 2 is limiting and it would make sense for the user experience also to display more there. I still don’t see this version yet either on any of my devices.

It can be in few hours, days or weeks :wink: but source is 100% legit, this guy was responsible for all UI of store since Android 1.5 :slight_smile:

This is great news. I wish Games get a new sub section of their own; maybe in future. It can help both the gaming and non-game app developers; if they list just Top 5, that’s 10 apps getting face time on the front… :smiley:

According to me this is a welcome move from Google. I hope it will be as good as for the publishers too, just like the users.

Looking forward to seeing it in action then soon! :slight_smile:

i am noticing some increased downloads in the last few days, just checked google play store app and it updated a little bit with points over stars, i also see more than 2 search results now…