New Google play store Update Destroy Downloads 50%+ decrease !!

hi all
Maybe you also affected?!
Last days or better say it was the 2.1.2016 google play store have a new update and this update destroy all downloads from the most developer !!
So whats the problem with the new update??!
The problem is when you want to search for new games then you maybe click games top games and search for new top games they delete Top New Games and Top new Selling games

Before the update:

After the new update:

[SIZE=5]Between the Top Grossing and Trending was Top Selling New and Top New Games .
Now after the new Update they are away??!!
What happend ??

My downloads going about 50% down :confused:
It was about 600 downloads every day now its going about 300 downloads and now i think its about 200 Downloads??!

Have someone the same problem after 1.11.2016 or 2.11.2016?
I testing it on my s5 s7 more coming but it looks like they delete New Top games and Top Selling New games ?!!
S3 works because its have a older google play store version.
But the other nope.

PS: Attachments are not working :confused:



google update.jpg

The top new lists have been appearing and disappearing for several months, this is not recent.

Top new lists are not that important these days, not many downloads are coming from those sections.

Your downloads dropped because of some other reason and all of us are experiencing ups and downs without being able to justify.

My guess is your games stopped appearing so often in similar or recommendation lists across the store and the decline is not related to the disappearance of the top new lists.

Naon euy tteu ngarti.