New Google Play policy in laymans terms...

Hey guys,

Since few weeks as we all know , google has released a new policy forcing us to rethink our app strategies, I’ve read some posts over here, but i still cant get past the jargon… basically i have a couple of questions

  1. is it compulsory to display an EULA in our first activity?

  2. is it compulsory to display an opt out button? I just implemented startapps new sdk today and it said it was google compliant , but i couldnt find things which i asked above … :|\\


It is only compulsory to show an EULA if you are making changes outside of the app. The EULA provides the Opt-in/Out basis.
Any changes made to the device must be easily alterable by the user.

Unfortunately there is a lot of uncertainty about what is and what isn’t compliant with the new policy in terms of ad types. Networks are claiming compliance on several new ad types and naturally a lot of developers are questioning those statements.

I guess we shall have to wait and see what exactly is compliant in the next few weeks/months.

I found a good blog about this exact topic: ClickGenieMedia: Google Play Developer Policy May Spell Doom for the Indie Developer


I guess we’ll have to stick with the same old banner/appwall/interstitial formats then, maybe google wants devs to focus on the apps themselves rather than spamming users too much…