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[New Google Developer policy] Google not terminate developer account?

I heard that Google not terminate developer account of developer. Is it true?

No. If you mess up they ban you still. For smaller problems they inform you beforehand though. If you don’t fix and you accumulate too many problems, it is as it was though - ban for life.

Where did you read it from??

=> I made one app with an image have copyright. Google reject the app. the status of application is “rejected” instead of “suspended”.

Same for me.

I’m trying to submit a new version of a published app, but it is always being rejected by Google. I think I has already been rejected more than ten times, but not yet suspended. The reason for rejection is always the same:
REASON FOR REJECTION:Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy. Please refer to the IP infringement and impersonation policy help article for more information.
I’ve been changing title, description, screenshots and also bitmaps from the APK, but have had no success. I’m not sure if eventually it will be suspended, though.

P.S.: I am not recommending anyone to resubmit the same app a bunch of times, mainly because the Google’s disclaimer is still there:
All submission rejections are tracked. Repeated rejections due to policy violations will result in app suspension, at which point this app will count as a strike against the good standing of your developer account and no longer be available on Google Play.


Love this new policy, because of this I decided to make a lock screen app and placed ads on the lock screen, and to my surprised app was approved.

But because the ads are on your Lock Screen app user uninstalls the app faster than a criminal fleeing a crime scene. but you do get crazy impressions from users who do keep your app. I see it as a fail overall, so now I am making a container app with ads in the container app and let user download ad-free version from container app.