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New Google Ads Policy (EU Consent) - poll

What will you do?

Um is this set by GooglePlay or AdMob?
Either way there has been no information’s regarding this up until now, except this rumor on forum.
And the SS someone posted from Plants vs Zombies game is well false, because that dialog used to be there since June I’d say

By admob / adsense.

Also i haven’t seen at least one big developer who implemented it.

Although it’s possible, I didn’t get warning when they changed their policy regarding Interstitial ads on start and other changes they made on 26th June.
Can someone get in contact with AdMob representative and ask? Until then its just a rumor.
But on the other hand, it doesn’t hurt to add privacy policy

There’s no rumour, if you actually read over the thread about it. I’ve spoken twice with my Admob acc manager and both times they have assured me that it is a new policy and applies to all apps using Admob/Adsense products.
HOWEVER, they have said they don’t know how strict the re-enforcement of this new policy is at this time.

I spoke on the phone with them, but they also sent me an e-mail:

I can confirm that the EU cookie policy relates to apps as well. I have confirmed this with my colleagues and managers so that there is absolutely no doubt. Hope this gives you the certainty you needed :).

I’m waiting and not including this…

Well it doesn’t hurt to add privacy policy, you can’t be too safe.
But to add Dialog like bla bla cookies bla bla agree exit, that sucks. This will bring bad reviews and definitely put us in disadvantage against paid apps. They are kinda being rude toward developers with these policy changes since they are the only Ad Network enforcing these rules.
And they are not that good like they used to be, there are few ad networks as good as admob, I guess they probably preparing for something big, since they act like this.