[NEW GAME] Space Grid: Arena - fast paced action multiplayer online PvP game

Space Grid: Arena
Fast paced action multiplayer online game

Hi, everyone!
I want to present to you an action-filled PvP space arcade. Pilot an spaceship and lead it to victory against other players in arena! Use various weapons and bonuses, show your skill in high-dynamic storm gameplay!


Update v1.0

  • New weapon bonus: short-range Annihilator:
    One-shot the opponents in a near radius! 5 charges.

  • New game mode for 5 players: “Deathmatch”
    Try to win within limited time!

  • Added announcements for kill-streaks performed by other players in battle

  • Added announcement for new “Best player of the day” on battle screen

  • Network traffic optimizations

  • Reduced application size

  • Other minor fixes

Updated to v1.1

Completely updated “Infinite” mode!

  • Collect Experience Points and improve your spaceship in 4 different skills. Try to keep the leadership in battle!