[NEW][FREE] You BETA - Voice Multitasking


“You BETA empowers you to easily speak multiple commands in one phrase, instead of having to say multiple commands like all the other personal assistants. You BETA also gives you the ability to create, customize, and save multiple commands as tasks so you can run all of your favorite commands with one word or one easy button click.”

I am a current college student and this is my first ever Android app I have created. I am still very new to software and app development! I just released this app to Google Play yesterday, and I would love to hear some constructive criticism and feedback/thoughts. This app is still very new and I only started developing it about 2 months ago in my free time/I am VERY new to development so keep that in mind! There is a lot of features and commands missing because I need people’s feedback to know what would be helpful to you for me to add!
Thank you so much for your time!