New forum for Android monetization

Hello everyone,

As it has been commented in other threads, this forum has been lately invaded by dozens of spam messages, almost everyday, making it hard to read, participate, find useful content…

There were plans to create a new forum, and I had my own for some time, and I would like to propose my (recently published) forum as an alternative to this one:


No spam. No downtimes. (And no stalkers)


Invitation link: Telegram: Join Group Chat

(This link will be disabled in a few days. After this, everybody will require a manual invitation from an group admin.)

I would love to count with all of you (representatives, developers and everybody else) to be part of this new community. I’m all ears for any suggestions you may have.

The best successor. I love the new forum. Goodbye “Making Money With Android” :slight_smile:

I like the design of the new forum, fantastic forum. I am Jewel from incentmobi, hope we have the chance to cooperate.

Hi Waninkoko,

I just created a thread in the swanky new forum :slight_smile:

Looking forward to the conversation!


Forum looks good - but there is not really content on it yet.

We are currently adding content day after day. It will take some time to have a good collection of valuable content but that day will come sooner than later :wink:

Does this forum support view on mobile?
I usually use Tapatalk to read mmwa.

The theme is designed to work perfectly with mobile devices. Also, the forum can be integrated with Pushbullet to receive notifications.

I loved the design of the forum - registered too!

There are some new contents in the forum!

I have started a new thread to share any MoPub adapters for third-party ad networks. To start I’ve posted a GitHub repository with 21 adapters ready-to-use with the latest MoPub SDK.

MoPub adapters for 3rd party networks | MonetizeWithAndroid

There is another older and much better forum for Android money discussions:

Android Profit - best ways to increase income - Android developers forum

Many top developers are registered there. So am I.

Im already registered… nice forum! :slight_smile:

hi,great design of the new forum

Thank you for sharing waninkoko. Looks great :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing the forum grow.

Hey everyone, I’m looking forward to hear your suggestions to improve the forum. Just share your thoughts and ideas and I’ll consider all them!

Also feel free to post them in the dedicated thread that is available in the forum: Do you have a suggestion for the forum? Share it here! | MonetizeWithAndroid

Hello, you should to write more content in spanish!

Good news! The forum is now accesible using the HTTPS protocol. Extra security is always good!

And now there is a shoutbox (which can be hidden if you don’t want to use it) to chat with other users about any matter!

I wish all the success with your forum, this one is completely destroyed

Thanks! (Gracias!)

I have a question for everybody… What do you think about the shoutbox? Should I keep it? Change it to another location?