New forum - better, faster and always uptime! Come, Android Developers!

Nice :wink:

You have a nice graphic designer…

Thx :wink: a tak w ogóle to wypierdalaj

Why to migrate to the forum where:

  • half of the forum is paid ( and we have to pay to YOU)
  • moderator and owner is a spammer, cheater and we can’t trust him (YOU!)

This forum is just shitty and no one will go to it

Not no one but you, If I see you there, ill ban.
For now I have 200+ ppl and it’s growing fast, this month ill break 500.

btw. you asked about poor graphics, I’ve made if in 5 minutes because… MMWA is not priority, this forum is so poor and have such small audience that not worth to spend more to prepare posts.
You have sticked to this forum and think it’s the center of all android devs. Wrong, it’s small and spammed.

Stay here and enjoy that you dissliked my post, replied with agression and feel like a king. Dodam jeszcze, wypierdalaj kmiotku.

f uck ramzixp and his spammy forum!

join our new forum - - totally free, moderated and high quality !

With 3 users :smiley: haha

High quality? 6 threads? 10 posts? Where is quality? Wheeere? With free theme?

We started the forum some hours ago - thats why actually there are no users and posts !

But we have quality (paid) forum software !
And we have stable servers ! Our forum is available any time - not like this forum here which is more offline than online
Also our forum is moderated - that means every post will be read by moderators and spam will be deleted immediatley

It is better to build a new forum now - because MMWA is offfline almost the whole day !

Good luck :wink: ill not attack it any more, paying for posts? Short time strategy :wink:

Very good forum!

Thank you !

I hope that lot of users of the MMWA forum will register for our new forum !
We want to have a stable forum which is online 24 hours !