New Exploit on Google play

hi guys

i think there is new exploit to bypass google bouncer

i see alot of published apps with Forbidden names like this one

if you have any idea please share with us

other account

Hi. Why do you think it’s forbidden? It does not use “Youtube” in title etc.

he use “Tubemate” & “Snaptube”
can you tell us what do you see in title ?? because i think the exploit was in translate

They will be banned in two or 3 days eventually…

I see the same. But these words are prohibited? I don’t know this niche rules… :wink:

The exploit with translations (another translation in one language and completely another in second language) was working for some time, but currently it’s quickly banned or suspended. So it’s not worth to try it

and those apps are gone now.

yea already banned in two days lol. Wonder how can they make a profit