New EULA by Appwiz

Hello everybody,
Just wanted to let you all know that new EULA screen by Appwiz has been launched today!- new design helps to attract more of your users to click the “Accept” button and increase conversions rate significantly!

I love it!

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:
Happy Weekend

Pls see attachment

New Appwiz EULA.jpg

Looks nice! Definitely an improvement on the old design. I have a couple of questions:

1.) Do we need to update the SDK to see the new EULA?
2.) Are there multiple colour schemes available? The dark screen looks nice, but in a white-themed app might look a bit out of place.

Very well done! , although i have the same questions as david

No need to update SDK at all! this is an auto update, and as for David’s question- there is no other colour schemes available, this is our final EULA Screen for now. We have tested on all kind of Apps and it looks great also on a white-themed app.

Embrace the change :slight_smile:

That looks much better! Looking forward to the better conversion rates :slight_smile:

I’d prefer custom EULA but anyway this new EULA looks great and greatly fits my almost all dark-themed apps.
Any info when custom/disable EULA will be available?

I know that an EULA is a end-user license agreement, but I don’t know which is the relation beneath EULA and user conversion. Is the EULA related with my cpm? in which way?

If a user doesn’t accept the EULA, the icon shortcut and browser bookmark won’t be installed, which means no money.

Well…I think with the new policy it doesn’t matter…but I will do the question… If I show only in-app ads, is the EULA related? I understand that no becuase the EULA only applies to shortcut or browser bookmark, isn’t it?

Yes I agree, it looks great but it would be ever better if we could hide it like at StartApp and use a custom EULA instead of multiple ones.