New Developer here(AdMob question)

Hey guys, I was recommended to use AdMob for my first upcoming game. I currently have the ad popping up when the game is over and when the game is on pause.

They are both on the top of the screen. I don’t think they will get any clicks, buttons are away from the banners. The game is not published yet, but I noticed when I die in my game ,the ad doesnt show up really fast like i want it to.

What settings do you guys, have on AdMob? I have the automatic refresh rate at 60 seconds. Is that the reason why its a little to delay for the ad to show up? Or because the game has not gone live yet?

Thanks a lot.

60 seconds gives best to me.

Don’t use banners but use Interstitial instead. I dont see a point for banners to be shown in your case.

Thanks for the reply. I just googled Interstitial, that would be a full screen ad , correct?

Also, would it be wise to use Interstitial and AdMob at the same time?

admob do have those interstitials if thats what you are asking.

Use Admob’s Interstitial. Google for this if you don’t know about it. and as far as you are new, I would be sticked with Admob for ads. In this case you will be on safe side, and will be protected from bans and etc.

Sorry, I now know that AdMob has interstitials.

Guys, my ads are coming up real slow. It seems like adjusting the seconds on AdMob website does nothing. Could it be because my game is not published yet that the ads show up that slow?

About what kind of Ads are you talking? Banners? Cause only banners have the refresh rate and it doesn’t effect to the speed on how fast they are. It’s just your internet is slow. Interstitials you can preload and show whenever you want: onPause, onBack. and etc…

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Both banner and interstitials are slow. I’ve played other games and used other apps, there banners and interstitials are fast. Any reason why?


The only reason I can say is your internet slow… I’ve never seen any options in admob to increase the download rate of their ads. I dont even think its possible. Maybe you may have some other issues, but I don’t know. Never had this problem.

For example, I had the interstitial ad show up after the user goes back to the main menu screen. I want the ad to show up before the main menu, instead it shows the main menu then in 2 seconds the ad shows up.

In this case you have implemented the Interstitial wrong. First preload the Interstitial before the main menu, and override the onBack method of that “menu” and it will show Interstitial before the main menu.

Thanks a lot! I will give this a try and let you know the outcome.

I got the Interstitial working well, thanks a lot. I have another problem. Seems like it takes around 1-2 seconds to close the Interstitial ad. In other apps and games, the ads close right away.

I checked my admob account, the Interstitial time out is 3 seconds. Could that be the reason? I am not allowed to set it less than that.


If your app is resource intensive it can take a second or two to return to the app. They seem to run in their own thread or something.

The timeout is just how long before its automatically closed as far as I know.

That’s very interesting. I will look into that, thanks.

The game is not resource intensive. I still don’t understand why it takes 1-2 seconds to close.