New developer blog & income reports!

Hello all, been following Dave’s blog and many others for a long while in regard to income reports and Android devices.

I’ve begun work on my first “real” product and plan to share quite a lot of information with the Indie developer community.

Here’s a link: [CLICK].

I plan to disclose actual cost of purchases made, reasons why things were purchased, and any other information that is vital to figuring out how much developing a professional quality Game has cost me.

If you are interested in learning about this, please subscribe (on the side of the blog list) so that you will be alerted when I make new entries.

I am planning to provide all the information I can, even answer questions from the comments, etc.

If you would like something more included, feel free to post a comment.

Oh, there’s no web ads, or any other way of monetizing the web (blog) site right now - and will probably keep it that way. I may throw a non-intrusive ad in somewhere, but nothing that will annoy you!

My reasons for doing everything will also be disclosed. I’ve got quite a few treats in store for you with some some strategic alliances with other sites and developers to bring you some nice stuff to help you actually turn a profit.

Jeff Sorrentino
Soren Systems, inc.

I’ve just added a post showing my current expenses to dive into the mobile video game development world. I hope you find the information useful!

Very interesting reading. Thanks for sharing.