New Content Locker/ PPD Network

Hello I found an absolutely new PPD site and I’m searching for a few referrals for it.

First about me: I’m holding a multi-hack site for several games.
Therefor I already tested a lot PPD-, ContentLocker-, CPA- sites.
2 days ago I found this site and read it only exists since a short period of time.
Therefore I hope I find a few refs easily there.
Unfortunately I can’t offer a new tutorial, which helps my referrals to earn money,
but I have a huge (maybe unique) collection of several eBooks, scripts,
landing pages, templates and other bonuses. I would provide these to my referrals.

To uses a design similar to sharecash or fileice,
but it has something I haven’t seen on other PPD sites.
You can buy premium accounts, with which you earn 20% more.
Premium packages are available for 1 day, 14 days or 30 days.

You can apply for a payout from 50$. Standart payouts take place between the 15th and the 25th of the month.
Quick payments lead to additional costs, but they’re processed within maximum 3 days.

Locked-Fire offers such as the most PPD networks a Link Locker, a Content Gateway etc. .
The profits of a Lead are between 0,30$ and 20$ and with the premium account even higher.

To my Ref Package:

In my Ref Package you find:

5 CPA Landing Pages
8+ Facebook Fanpage Templates
24+ Themeforest Theams
28+ Niche Annihilation
86 Premium Landing Pages
12 Single Site Scripts
Blogger-Wordpress Landing Pages
Cpa Skins
Facebook Viral Script
Fake Minecraft Hack Tool
google play gift codes onpage generator
Ultimate PPD-CPA Viral Scripts

+more bonuses

sign in with Ref- Link:

sign in without Ref- Link:

Thank you and I wish you good earnings

Content Lock = Ban !!

Read Developer Policy

No info about the company in their website.