New AppWiz sdk 1.4.9 payment

Hello guys,
I was thinking what is the new rate per download of the new appwiz sdk . does anyone then please tell me and also what are your experiences with appwiz, and also when trying to add new app in appwiz site you get option of search icon .WTF how is that possible are they really compliant with google policy?? sorry for my bad english i am a hindi speaker.

It’s normal that they still have to update the website to remove that kind of options.

and what about the rates per download???

Here’s the new rates, as a quote from an e-mail from them when I asked about the new rates:

Once you will Fully integrate with in App ads, now that we are 100% approved with Google Policy rates are:

USA : $0.075
UK : $0.025
Row : $0.01

New PDF - page 10 - best practices by Appwiz will direct you to the best way to integrate with in App Ads!

If you keep using only PPD rates are:

USA $0.05
ROW $0.005

Thanks A1ka1inE

Hey guys,

Also, starting Sep 8th we will not pay for installs driving from older versions of SDK - so installs driving from SDK 1.4.8 and below will not get paid per download until update in full to SDK 1.4.9!

[b][u]So, starting Sep 8th all developers MUST FULLY integrates with Appwiz 360 SDK (v. 1.4.9) which includes :

  • in App Ads
  • Browser Search Homepage[/u][/b]

If you have any questions pls contact me at : [email protected]

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Anni :slight_smile:

Suppose i don’t want to use In App ads , then?

Starting Sep 8th - all developers MUST implement at least 2 type of ad units per App (on ALL their Apps!) and update all Apps to SDK v. 1.4.9. If you chose not to integrate in full we will not pay for only installs anymore.
Starting Sep 8th - all developers must implement atleast 2 type of ad units per App, and if you chose not to integrate in full we will not pay for PPD only.


I guess it is goodbye Appwiz then, it was a good run!

Why are you forcing people to use your other ads? That’s very extreme.

So any installs I have before I update my SDK I will not make money from from the 8th, but you still get loads of new users? That’s bad form, especially since if I do update to a new SDK I have to remove all the other out-of-app SDKs that are no longer compliant. I was planning on doing that much closer to the cut off date Google gave of the 23rd.
Anni why are you doing this?

It does look bizarre that they’re pulling the plug on the old SDK 2 weeks before the Google-enforced deadline, and walking away with all the free installs from developers that don’t update that day.

And the new payment model is just silly: if I have their SDK put their search homepage on my users’ devices, I get absolutely nothing from it? Why do I need to show in-app ads for the search homepage to make them money? It makes no sense.

And let’s also remember that users don’t update apps too often so if you have an app with active 10k users, let’s pretend that in two weeks 3k users update, what about the rest? As they still have the earlier version of the app with the old sdk developers won’t be paid for them, it doesn’t feel right, it isn’t at all.

The rest (7k) wouldn’t generate you any additional revenue anyway, as AppWiz pays you per install. Your statement would make sense for a network that pays per ad and not per download, though.

Lol, wrong network, thanks.

lol this business model totally sounds shady and extreme. I don’t like being forced to fully integrate. Seems just so odd that they came out of left field with these new rules effective sept 8…

makes me wonder…

Well, it really seems like the end of Out of App monetization methods. Everyone is trying to fill the gap but no one knows if they are compliant and if they can pay you for it.

why on earth someone would use Appwiz SDK for their in app ads and give them free installs on search homepage.

Well, no. You can still use AppWiz’s in-app ads without the search homepage add-on, you simply don’t call the EULA on your onCreate. However, in that case, you wouldn’t be getting any PPD payments, so the in-app ads would have to pay pretty well to justify it.

The only thing that stands out as weird is that AppWiz only pays you PPD for the homepage if you’re also using in-app ads. Surely the homepage can at least make a little money by itself?

Exactly what I was trying to say. Are their in-App ads really high eCPM? Are they going to guarantee $10+ CPMs on it?

I doubt it, but until someone tries, we can’t really know for sure. I’ll probably give them a try once it gets closer to the 23rd of September and I have to update my apps to be in line with the policy.