NEW AppBucks SDK v1.5

Hey guys,

My name is Paul, and I, along with Rudis.AppBucks, am an engineer on the AppBucks platform. I’m happy to announce that the past few months have been spent working on a variety of infrastructure upgrades as well as a new version of the SDK. We’ve taken all of your feedback along with our own observations about the state of the industry and made some tweaks, accordingly. We’re seeing a huge increase in performance with this new upgrade including average eCPMs of $3 - $5 on Push along with $5 - $7 eCPMs on Icon.

As a bit of background, AppBucks is a mobile ad network primarily targeted to the Android platform. It is backed by Adknowledge, a company that has been in the internet advertising industry since 2004 with offices all over the world. We’ve been working hard on the platform since it was introduced to you here a few months ago and would love for you guys to try out some of the new stuff. So, on to the features …

Currently the SDK supports Push and Icon Ad Units. With version 1.5, we are introducing a new dynamic Interstitial Ad Unit. One example of how this new Ad Unit could be used is in a game between levels. Currently, we show an App OfferWall to your users. Other types of Rich Media ads will follow soon, however. Implementing this new Ad Unit in your app couldn’t be easier, as it is a simple call to the static method


during the appropriate time. As with the Push and Icon Ad Units, the Interstitial Ad Unit will need to be enabled by checking the box in the Edit Application form of the Developer Dashboard. It is currently in Beta, but anyone here who signs up or is already a registered user and has the latest version of the SDK will be ready to go.

Thanks to your feedback, we also implemented increased frequency and shorter delays to our Push and Icon Ad Units. We have heard from some of you that the delay to first ad for both Push and Icons was too long, in some instances. In addition, some of you wanted to see a Push or Icon Ad more often. We now give you a new option to do this. In the same Edit Application form of the Developer Dashboard, you now have 3 options for both initial delay and how often an ad is shown. For initial delay, the options are None, Short, and Long. The frequency options are Normal, Slow, and Rare. The two new options are None for Delay and Normal for Frequency. As their name implies, the Delay option None, corresponds to an instant Push notification or Icon drop while the Frequency option Normal corresponds to roughly 3 - 5 hours between Push notifications and approximately 24 hours for an Icon drop.

I’d like to extend my thanks to everyone who has used the SDK so far and welcome anyone new to register at We’ve designed the integration to be as painless as possible so you can focus on making money from the hard work that you have put into your app.

If anyone has any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave them here or PM me. I’d really like to hear anything you guys have to say, good or bad. We’re constantly striving to provide the best platform possible and your feedback and experience helps to drive that forward. If you have technical questions, I am available for those as well. Whatever you guys need, let me know!

Thanks everyone!

Nice! I will try it soon.

Great to hear, Aleksa! Please feel free to reach out if you need any help.

Also, we’d like to run a promotion to spur a bit of friendly competition.

If you can get another developer to sign up with your affiliate link and they make $100, we will credit your account $50.

If you’d like to participate, let me know and I’ll give you a link to use. The promotion deadline is September 9th (approximately 1 month from today).

@Paul.AppBucks , why you do not show the payment history for the developer ,
I have tried your sdk for two months but you have issues with the payment , the finalized amount is far low than the displayed amount(in red) and then the actual paid amount was less than both , so I was so confused and contacted the support , they said they will pay the difference but since there is no payment history I could never tell what is the amount paid as I am using about 6 Ad Networks and each I receive many transfers so I could not tell either from my side

I think you need more transparency in the payment module , if you guys fixed this I will come back to you , other wise I prefer using an Ad network that I can track my payments on .

@Paul.AppBucks, I was using your SDK for quite a while, most of my app still using 1.4 SDK. But, the CPM and earning dropped dramatically since August for about 8 times which is huge. Why did this happen? This never happened before. If you release new SDK, the old SDK performance should not be affected by that.

@Pharaoh: you are able to show payment history in the Applications tab of the Developer Dashboard by selecting the drop down next to Select Date. We did push a new core infrastructure update that brings estimated earnings much closer to actual earnings. I apologize if you have had a bad experience in the past. Our goal is for you to make as much money as possible and we really appreciate your continued use over the last two months. If you continue to see issues, please let me know, but I think you’ll find your estimated earnings to be much closer to your actual earnings now.
@wiandroid: can you please PM me or reply here with details on your application so that I can look into it?

Thank you for your reply ,
Actually what are you pointing to is the reports for the earned amounts , not the paid amount

In most of other Ad networks there is a section where you can see the ACTUAL PAID amount to you with the date and payment method ,
this part is missing in your web site in addition to the discrepancies in the amount paid itself , so there is no way that I can know what you have transferred to me unless I wait for my monthly bank statement …

For Your Info , till now I could determine if you have paid me the right amount of May 2013 or not , not to mention the subsequent months …

@Pharaoh: I PM’d you so I can get some more info from you and we can get this taken care of. We’ll be sure to do everything we can to get this straightened out.

Thank you for your concern ,
I sent you my details and will be waiting for your feedback .