[New App] X Tickets (free)

X Tickets
X-Tickets is a mobile digital ticketing system that uses Barcode Technology & was designed specifically to manage the ticketing process of various events. This application facilitates tickets to be sold, scanned and managed from your mobile phone (no computer required). X-Tickets will solve many problems that are currently faced by promoters and event planners as it relates to duplication, theft, counterfeit, calculation and monitoring of ticket sales.
X-Tickets will reduce your printing cost considerably, allows you to track your ticket sales thus helping you determine whether or not you need to boost your advertising, ticket sale or marketing by events date.
How it works

  1. Create a sales representative account and assign a ticket quota.
  2. Login as a sales rep and navigate to the ticket sales window.
  3. Create and share ticket as text or image VIA SMS (Text Message) or WhatsApp, Facebook, Bluetooth, email & more (email is the recommended method).
    Google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ricky.myBarcoder