New app just created and published for email processing. Need feedback

Hi all!
I searched but did not find an application for email smart processing (like outlook filters), so I decided to write it myself :slight_smile:
The app already published -
The idea of the app is to process email automatically in any number of email accounts and do some action if filter matches. I myself have several email accounts, and get a lot of letters to them. Every time I have to be distracted by checking emails when I’m waiting for an important letter. The app can notify me if I got email from defined address or contains specific word in subject or body. Also it can delete a message with some patterns. The rules for email processing can be written as plain text, like ‘If email from then notify’. By clicking ‘from’ and ‘notify’ one can set the filter conditions (for from) and notification options (for notify).
But now it has a 10% of functionality I’ve plan to implement and very poor UI :confused: So I would be pleased to hear some feedback whether the idea is worth something and maybe links to the similar existing apps.
I want to decide evolve the app or use akin application is exists.

Hi there,

Just read the description and seen screendhots. Most likely I’ll install it one of the next days.
I have one question : can I add a rue like “If email from [email protected] then Delete” ?
The idea is that daily we receive lot of spam and we may want to delete them iemdiatelly.

Good luck with your app!

Neccessary app today. My work requires using my email every hour and it will make my work easier.