NEW APP IDEA!! Please read need feedback!

First I want to say I know this app would not be something simple. This would be a massive undertaking but I would like to bounce this idea off some serious people. I am going to try my best to describe this in a way so you can see my vision for the capabilities of what this could be.

I am sure everyone is familiar with snapchat’s broadcast feeds of special events, cities, etc. Well if you notice not everyone get’s on those things they are almost always lame and very mainstream just people walking shouting into their phones. Nothing anybody really cares to see.

My idea would be to create a an app in a similar facet however with many distinct differences. One would most likely create a profile of some sort to see who is posting and I am also thinking of letting people be pretty much anonymous. User’s would post videos of them doing things they are doing in specific area’s or events. Other’s would be able to search by these criteria for videos other’s upload.

You may ask why do I want to see this. I for one am a recent college graduate and miss college. Sometimes it’d be cool to see what’s going on. example I went to WVU last year we upset Baylor and I was thinking wow it is going to be crazy there tonight would love to see what’s going on. If people were able to upload uncensored videos of what is going down say a crazy party the bar scene, maybe some falls drunk over a keg and it’s hilarious anyone would be able to see this and share in the experience.

This would be for all areas or events that one would want to search by that they are interested in.

Please post questions and comments.

It would be nice if you can express your idea in one paragraph.

it’s really nice and impressive…

My only question is… What would you develop it on? :slight_smile: