New App Idea - Need Your Feedback !!

Hello Friends,

I am planning to release an app where user can create their own app from it.

Let me know if you will like this app so that i can proceed further.

Thanks in advance.

can you describe the cases people may use your app for?

How do you know what kind of app the user wants? I don’t think it will be feasible for you to make such kind of app because there are many different kind of apps which the user want to create and I don’t think it will be possible. If you succeed then definitely hats-off to you…

Cool you make an Android port of Eclipse? I want that!

Now seriously, I think you are asking the wrong people. I think there are potential users for such an App, any kind of small business owner may like your app for marketing purpose. For example Restaurants, hotels or handyman.

However, I see a few technical issues, for example how do you want to sign the generated app? Do you want to provide the source of the generated app?

Kind regards

Sounds really interesting. I’d be interested, but would like to know more about your idea and what you are planning to do with your app. Will the app create APKs for the user, or will it simply create apps within the app for the user to play around with?

Than you all for your questions and suggestions. I can make this app by generatins signed apk or directly publishing it to GP from my app console. Yes this is going to be a targeted app for small and mid size business owners. They can create a store like app to sell online with paypal integration. I am actually new to this business. I have everything ready for this app. I am outsourcing it. Before this app creation I just wanted to explore the marketing methed and all. So i have released one small game. If i gained confidence then i can invest in this main project since the quotation was really high.

Not only store kind of app, its going to be web to app, or you can create it from the scratch , etc. So i think it will be a great product as i dont see any of this kind app in the market.

Corona SDK and some other companies do alike. Do you mean a web app that makes mobile apps with a drag-n-drop function?

No directly from mobile app to mobile app. There are many company provides web app with drag and drop function. But none of them from mobile itself

I’m not sure how you would pull this off, but it sounds like it could be useful.

Good idea…you need to have server which can handles your resources and assets to convert to apk and return it…

I heard about this company that does something similar to your idea for restaurant owners and food delivery.
Check it out - OpenRest

That is very interesting but you have to test it if it fits in the market.

Do you mean something like this ?

Apk creator will require website. But for my app it doesnt require any website. I am currently researching about the market. If I get a good response then i will publish this app

wow… its an amazing idea but I think we all want to know more about it. I mean if you are going to provide android users with an opportunity to create their own apps, than which kind of apps? How much of the designing element you believe can be provided through such an application, have got any idea? I think it quire a premature one till now and requires further discussion and debate. I haven’t seen any such application ever, but there are some services available but the limitation with them is their limited functionality. By the way, please keep us update and i wish you all the very best luck ahead

hey dude already got that idea like 3months ago

you should create like leomaster

Hey, I think this would be preatty creative. Make sure you have a team to support you so you really make something cool :wink:

Definitely seems interesting…reaching your target market will be interesting I feel because you won’t be targeting most typical app users but rather B2B. User acquisition will likely be much different compared to how gaming apps or social apps target users. Do you have thoughts about how you plan to position the app and reach your most optimal targets?

Good idea, I would look at your work. The idea to create a mobile application is not so easy to find, it’s good that there are many articles on this topic. They help to find the direction in which to move. I am now reading one article about the app ideas and I want to tell you I already have some thoughts.