New app idea... Need feedback

I have an app idea and need feedback from as many people as possible if you would download this app or not. Pretend you are allergic to poison ivy and you have never seen a poison ivy left before. If your wondering in the woods one day and want to avoid touching the poison ivy. Download my app. Take a picture of a leaf that you think is poison ivy and my app will search the web for the characteristics of the picture. It will find the leaf and give you a definition of that leaf and everything else you want to know. NO its not like Google Images. Thanks for reading. Please reply whether you would download it or not. The app would be free. Thanks guys:D

I see some problems:

-May be too specific to have a decent userbase
-May be useful for places where there is no internet connection available (woods, mountains, etc)
-If i believe that´s poison ivy, and i am allergic, i would rather stay away from it instead of getting close to take a picture. What if the app fails to recognize it as poison ivy? I would rather not to touch it even if the app does not recognize it as poison ivy.
-How realistic is it to be allergic to poison ivy and never seen it before?

I would not. If you’re wonderind in the woods, you probably don’t have internet access. Your example about a person allergic to poison ivy is just absurd, I won’t comment it. The app that recognizes leaves could be a fine idea, but doing it right is another matter. I still would not download that app, but it could get some downloads as a fun / entertainment app. Doing it “the right way” - meaning using some learning dataset of images and implementing some metaheuristic is NOT gonna be profitable, as it would be quite time-consuming. On the other hand, if you know how to do that using Google search and you know how to implement it in less than two weeks, it could be a good idea.

Maybe you can have user to add what they are allergic to and download info about them only in the device for offline use.