[NEW APP] Extreme Switches (The best availible widget control APP)

Extreme switches is the new application which allows you to do all necessary things from your homescreen more efficiently fastly and easily.Get rid of unusefull application and have them all in your custom widget.

Application provides:
?Fast toggling optimalization:Sets your phone to do tasks and change settings with lightning speed.
?Diferent widget sizes (4x1,3x1,2x1,1x1),
?Customizable appearance (backgrounds,indicators,dividers,icon sets,vibrations,toasts)
?Widgets database:You can save or load your custom widget whenever you want
?Almost 30 toggles which you can add to your widget

? Wifi
? Bluetooth
? APN Data
? Brightness 0%,50%,100%,AUTO
? GPS satelites
? Automatic synchronization
? Airplane mode
? Silent
? Vibrate
? Lock screen
? 2G-3G
?$ Power OFF
? Auto rotation
? Screen always on
? Battery info:Calculates time left,shows graphicaly battery level and informations
? No lock screen: Disable lock screen
?$ Reboot
?$ Fast reboot
? Torch:Turns LED ,but if your phone doesnt support LED phone will automatically shine with screen
? App shortcut-You can make shortcut to any instaled application
? Wifi tethering 2.3+
? Usb tethering 2.3+

? Battery saver:
Saves your battery life by one click.
-WiFi - Wifi will be turned off when you turn your screen off, but not while charging.
-Bluetooth - It automatically turns bluetooth off after some time when you are disconnected or simply when you forget to turn it off.
-Brightness - New smart brightness technology which sets your brightness according time of day. It is great for battery consumption.
-Synchronization - Very smart function which synchronizes your all accounts only once a day when you are connected to network and only for some time which you can set.
-Mobile data connection - This function works the same as wifi.
-File cache - Your file cache will be set for the lowest battery consumption.

?$ CPU overclock:
-Allows you to set minimal and maximal frequency
-Frequencies are automatically sets on boot

? Task manager (task killer)
-By one click kills all applications running in background to save your battery life and make your phone incredibly fast.

? Audio manager
-Allows you to simply control ring,call,music,alarm,notification,system volume.


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Version 1.22
CPU-Scaling,set on boot,min max frequency
Cleaner-Cleans Caches,SMS,History,Call log

Version 1.24
Fixed compatibility:GPS,Airplane,Brightness,Task Killer
CPU-Scaling,set on boot,min max frequency
Cleaner-Cleans Caches,SMS,History,Call log