New Airpush Representative

Hello MMWA, I am your new Airpush representative, Kristy. I will PM you each individually in order to connect you with your account managers and resolve your issues. If anyone else has any problems with their accounts, dont hesitate to PM me as well. Thanks.

Cool, maybe she will tell us why you steal our money and pay much lower than on reports

i will admit airpush can be a bit “odd” sometimes, but as someone who’s ran 7 figures through airpush, it’s not a scam company, infact everyone i’ve spoken to that airpush screwed, was a greasy developer themselfs, running straight spam apps or just straight up garbage.

eCPMs suck on every network, don’t blame the network, blame the advertisers, have developers on this forum really forgotten that their earnings depend on advertisers budget spend and not an ad network?

Anyways welcome Kristie!

I am more interested on your apps, 7 figures is a big amount!

yes and no, i’ve been doing mobile for 4-5 years now and have been doing internet marketing for 10+ years, i’m more focused on creating actual businesses for apps/mobile now instead of just making new apps

all my apps can be found on a service i created AppsLabMarket - Create Free Apps …ive been busy creating my own ad network and app market place, its still in progress, the ad network is pretty close for release, i haven’t uploaded to google in a while though just because i’m focused on creating a market place for devs/users.

Cool, but I don’t give a shit.

Oh cmon bring back bundle 2 rates back to 0.60 per install and pay the pending money which you have not given me. :confused:

I too was making six figures a year with Airpush since 2012 and the Bundle2 era was the best , but unfortunately I think this month will be my last with them after 3 years.
I mean , I allocate half of the exit interstitials to mobilecore , and it’s making me more than half of the airpush interstitials+ Banners+ 360 video ads.
It’s insane.

No airpush does scam it was confirmed by 3 ex employees I talked too in the past, each one gave me dirt on what really happens. Money Laundering Scams from 2012, Intentionally showing lower impressions in dev consoles, etc. Intentionally Banning Devs to keep thier earnings even though the dev does nothing wrong, Only paying half of earnings for others. Giving massive bonuses to devs they like.

That is real image of Airpush! I was with them for a very long time, but they started to scam me on every step. I had everything:

  1. Banned account without a reason (4 times the same account)
  2. They don’t pay me all my money because they told me that I don’t qualify for bundle2 earnings. Although I do everything right and thye can’t tell me why i didn’t qualify.

They are just SCAM!

Damn this happened with me a lot of time .They didnt pay me huge n big amounts .Seriously I urge all developers to ban airpush itself dont ever join them

Every company does this, You guys all need to step into the affiliate industry if you think the mobile ad networks are bad. There isn’t 1 mobile ad network that isn’t shit these days, accept it and move on, and too be honest…I’ve spoken to hundreds of devs for my ad network, and theres a reason I’m not working with any of them…99% of devs just run crap apps and want to mass spam ads the second the user trys to do anything. There are VERY few devs who are actually trying to create a long-term business, everyones focused on that quick $3k a month. Every developer will say “i did nothing wrong!!!” of course you didn’t…who admits they did something wrong? Yes I’m sure AP has banned people for no reason, but to say they are the only company that does what you say above is very naive

is airpush the best? god no, is admob? god no, no ones the best, our industry relies to much on advertiser spend to ever be 100% stable. I mean look @ Adblock, the ad industry lost $22 BILLION last year, Yeah…$22 BILLION, Some of that money came out of OUR pockets.

yeah Airpush is getting worse and worse.