New AdNetwork - 0.05$ for [RU]


We are glad to invite developers for our new ad network for 3rd party apps!
Now we are buying Russian installs for 0.05$ per install of your app with our SDK.

  • Our SDK is not Google Compliant, but Google haven’t banned apps with our SDK;
  • You can integrate our SDK with AirPush and HummerMobi;
  • We haven’t got any EULA. User should start your app with our SDK and we will pay you;
  • We can make NET3 payment;

For more info please contact:

  • PM
  • Skype: apostotrol

No EULA? Post your site URL so we can take a better look

and tell us what you get from it :slight_smile: only Russia, seems suspicious )))

interesting ,
what about world wide downloads ?
does all the downloads counts or there is a minimum retention ?

Russia is just for start. Soon we will add other countries.
10% RR required. Fake installs won’t be paid, of course. Our system immediately detects such installs.
Still looking for more developers.
btw we have russian support :wink:

I’ll pass, I got burned already by Sincestar Shutting Down and Oimobi Shuting Down, these 2 companies only lasted 1-2 months then closed down, Pretty sad because I was making $40 a day with both of them so extra $80 a day just vanished.

I dont think they have a tough sustainable platform sdks .Just move on .Stop supporting sincestar alike adnetworks

Good day guys!
Glad to tell you that we added most of European countries in our system.
For example, we pay 0,15$ for German install!
Get me in skype and PM for further info.