New Admob upgrade: list problems + solutions

So far here is a quick list of issues i have noticed. during this upgrade process

1 - doesn’t show old admob data.

Starts off from the day you upgraded does not show any history. Shows mostly zeros for the first 24’ish hours.

Solution - currently you have to enter old admob and do a lot of math. There is a rumbling that the data will get migrated soon. The zeros will slowly start to go away and fill with real data.

2 - old admob account balance doesn’t move forward.

Solution - the admob people have said it will still get paid to you as normal or in two different payments. One from the old system and one form the new. No minimums because they didn’t notify you of this change.

3 - house ads not showing -

You can setup the new mediation system with house ads mixed with admob. You cannot allocate all your traffic to the house ad any longer. but this has broken the system. supposidly it shows the ad with the highest eCPM. If your house ad is higher than the admob ad it will show the house ad. I set the house ad at $10000.00 and admob at $0.01. Still not showing.

some people said to setup your advertiser account with billing info. - didn’t work

i will try to add a bit of money to my advertiser side account to see if it just cant be zero to use the house ads. Even tho i am not buying ads it might cause it to work.

no solution at this time

4 - prior mediation setups transferring to new console.

this appears to be a crap shoot right now. It might work, partially work or not transfer at all. If you have a complex setup or one you do not want to redo then do not upgrade at this time. There are tons of posts to admob complaining about this.

5 - old admob data fluctuations

I am not sure why but the old admob slowed down and started to have spasms of incorrect data.

Solution - do not believe any of your daily revenues. They have up to a few days for it to be correct. In the past it didn’t take that long but now they are using that time. I think they have some issues right now with the new and old systems partly tied together. The new system updates much more often than the old system did.

6 - all filters on ads per app are all gone

All the ad filters i had on a ton of apps are all gone. but good news is that the filter system is %100 better and easier to use. Just sucks i have to start over on my filters.

No current solution

added 8/21 3:30pm

7 - Delete house ads mess up

So if you decide to try house ads you need to know you cant get rid of them all the way. One thing that breaks is the eCPM of the admob unit. It will never return to 0.0 you have to now setup a floor eCPM for that ad spot.

Solution - the closest you can get it 0.01 so set it at that if you want no essentially no eCPM floor. or set it as you want if you decide to use a floor eCPM.

old and new admob login pages

this is the old admob login page i use -

this is the new one -

If you have anything to add, give as much info as you can and what you might have found researching it or through trial and error. Doing this might make it easier to get through this happy fun time.

I have a question: I have just filled the form for upgrading to the new AdMob, but after finishing the form, it seems like a completely new account. None of my old banners show on the new account. Is this correct? Do I have to re-create everything, and update my apps with the new IDs?

I had to retype Tax (W9 form) and Bank information also. This doesn’t look right at all.

I didnt have to re input any payment info. But when you went to do the upgrade did it ask what account you wanted to use or did you straight up make a new account. Mine listed my gmail address attached to my old admob account and i selected that one. If i had just input a new email address i doubt it would have upgraded the account. Instead i think you just made a new one.

The way to check would be to log into your old admob system account and see if the revenue is increasing. If it is that means it is still active and it has not been upgraded.

this is the old admob login page i use - AdMob - Login

this is the new one -

I couldnt confirm the revenue is increasing (takes a while to update), but the ads are showing in my apps, so I think the old account is still functional (I can login normally).

Both sites enter normally, but the new AdMob won’t show any data or banners. Both are with the same email/google account. Apparently my account is all screwed up, right?

Do I have to upgrade? Frm what you hear from people especially that you can’t get paid through PayPal, I would like to keep using the old system. Do you know if this is ok?

You could also add in to your list about new payment terms. This would make a sense.

This is absolutely insane. Did anything from the transfer work?

How such a large company, experience in such things releases something so not ready for release? My admob shows me button to upgrade, which when I click it will show white screen. :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I think I may have made something wrong with my account. So, yesterday I got an email that I can use the new admob, but, when I clicked the upgrade button in the email, it sent me to the old admob.
Ok, then the upgrade button finally showed up in my old admob account, and I’m able to log in to the new admob. But there is now button for import the old datas. I don’t want to get all apps manually.
Please somebody help me where to find the import button.

I attached a pic about what I see now in the new admob. As you can see there is no import button as shown in the video.

Hi guys, I’ve upgraded yesterday, and I can’t find my House Ads. I’ve created a new house ad, and saved it, and now when would need to enter the impressions, I can’t find it. It also asked me, if I want to “fund” my account or something like that.

Also, another serious problem seems to be, that I have an app in my account, which isn’t even mine. It’s 123 Easy Sightwords FREE. This is not my app. What should I do? I’m hesitant on contacting AdMob, because you never know, what could they find wrong with your account. :slight_smile: But seriously, what would you do? Should I leave it for a couple of days?


OK, I found it. It’s under Promote -> All Apps -> Choose your app -> Campaigns.

Now, I’m not sure how to start these house ads. In the old AdMob all I had to do was choose how many impressions I wanted. Now I need to enter the eCPM for AdMob Network and House Ads.

Please see the attached picture. I’ve entered $0.07 for AdMob and $0.05 for House Ads, but I don’t know what the heck am I doing. Hopefully, this stuff is free!

Any advice?


I’m stuck at the same point. I now have 2 AdMob accounts, 1 on the old AdMob (running perfectly, with all banners and revenue there) and 1 in the new AdMob (totally empty, no banners at all, can’t import). Are both your new and old accounts with the same email? In my case both are on the same email and still it somehow allowed me to have 2 AdMob accounts. Bizarre.


My problem solved about half an hour ago. Maybe it’s just time, maybe because I wrote on the admob’s google+ page. Try it, maybe helps. Until you don’t import data you can use the old admob fully functioning, after the import, it says:
“Your account has been upgraded. Please visit the new AdMob to manage your account, view your reports, and make changes to your apps and campaigns. Your historical reporting data remains available under Reporting, but any changes made in the legacy AdMob site will not take effect.”

But how was the problem solved? The data was migrated automatically? Or did the “Import” button appeared?

I sent a support request yesterday to AdMob but still didnt have any reply.

The import button appeared. Then it worked properly. I posted my problem here: Google Workspace Updates: New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents

I just checked now, and now I have an Import button, cool :slight_smile:

I will try it in a while and will let you know. Thanks for the help!!

yes it appears paypal is not currently an option in the new admob

will do

I have to use the new admob with chrome. other browsers do some funky stuff and white screen is what i get with firefox.

House ads as i said in the original post are broken right now. Read the first post and it will explain more.

Also i would let it sit for a little while. the first 24 hours are reportedly pretty buggy. If it doesn’t go away for a few days then i would contact admob support.

Thanks, hubris. I’ve deleted the House Ads campaign as I didn’t understand anything I was doing. :slight_smile:

remember that you cant reset the eCPM of that app to 0.0 as it was before. if you leave it at say $0.50 you have set a floor eCPM. it wont show ads below that eCPM. But if you want to act like it did prior to messing with it set it at $0.01 eCPM

I have zero experience with setting up ad campaigns so I really need dig into it. I now can’t set anything, as the (house ad) campaign is deleted.

You mean regular AdMob ads? I’ve read about this new feature, but I’m happy to feature any kind of ads. :slight_smile: Or do you think this could actually improve earnings? Do you have any experience with it?