New Admob SDK - Revenue dropping

I upgraded my apps to the new Admob SDK last month, but my revenue was dropped about 35% less than the month before !!!
Any one has an idea about this??


Me too after 1 Jul,2014 revenue drop 30%

same here.

I only updated the new admob ad-units. there is no integration of new SDK.

still revenue is dropping down for last 2 days

Recently, admob drops for all developer on the world. Old admob drops more than new admob. So keep calm and still hope feature is better tomorrow

Yup, looks like AdMob is lacking good advertisers. I also updated my main app to new SDK (Play Service) at end of May and I can’t tell if that was the reason or simply lack of good ads, but my revenue started to drop exactly with 1 June. Looks like this month will be no better, because yesterday was the worst day in last 4 months even my impression count from that time has grown be ~32%.

I really liked AdMob and they pay schedule, but looks like it’s time to look for alternatives. If someone know some good ad network (it would be really good if it works with AdMob mediation) then send me message or post here.

I thinks the new SDK is not the reason because i am not updating any of my app or admob but the revenue drops a lot with the same install, i think its because the lower quality advertisers

Well, from what I gather adMob since the new SDK stopped showing ads on devices that don’t have Google Play. Before that it seemed to show some ads at least sometimes. Now - nothing.