New Admob - revenue and house ads

I started using new Admob Developer Console. Here are my observations:

  • I tried to get House Ads to run - they seem to be running - but just to test I set the eCPM for the House Ads to the highest. Yet it is only getting a fraction of the traffic. I find this odd.

  • Even though I have earned over the $10 limit before a payment method can be specified - nothing is appearing there. Perhaps it needs to be $100 or something ?

  • Generally revenue is low - but could be because DAU for apps is down lately

Lastly - a comment about this forum - I am noticing that the makingmoneywithandroid forum webpages - seem to have scripts running or something which really seems to bog down Firefox on a Mac. While other webpages are running ok, as soon as I switch to makingmoneywithandroid webpage - it grinds the browser to a halt and keeps showing hourglass i.e. wait type thing. And just gets very sluggish.

I wonder what it is with the scripts - and if they are legitimate. After the attacks on the website - I wonder if is intentional scripts - or something left over from a hacking attempt etc. ?

The new Admob Developer Console is simpler in a way - but also a bit different.

I wonder if there is a way to find for a banner admob mediation - how many impressions were delivered to Admob and how many to the House Ad.

In the old Admob you could look at:

Ad Network Mediation Placement Reporting

And this would tell you:
Network Requests
Fill Rate

Is there some place on the new Admob where one can get the same info ?


Ok, one can look at the “Performance Reports” on top-left - and then you can pick a specific app - and then a specific ad unit.

One thing to note is that when you convert from the old admob - to the new admob - the conversion will create “Ad Units” that represent the “Sites/Apps” you created for each app. In the old admob - these “Sites/Apps” were used as entries for mediation entries.

But in the new admob - there is a bit of simplification - now EACH “Site/App” you had is converted to a “mediation” essentially.

And the mediations you had are also converted to a “Ad Unit”.

So when you look at your “Ad Units” for an app - it will have some that have a “Mediation ID” - and these are the mediation ones. And then there are others with just a “Publisher ID” - and these the old admob “Sites/Apps” which you were required to create before you could do mediation.

It seems that one could probably deleted all the non-mediation ones from the “Ad Units” - as the mediation ones seem to be self-contained.


As far as I know admob pays for every click of your ads and you get some cut but what if no one will click those ads or no clicking by accident? You will get $0 revenue at the end of the day?

That is the case with advertising - you rely on the probability that a small proportion of people will click on ads - or eventually download an app (for app-install ads).

And in reality - that is what happens - the more people that use your app - the more there will be clicking on ads etc.

In general it works linearly - if you have enough users.

I don’t know what the issue is - but I set House Ads to have a high “eCPM” so ALL banner impressions go to the House Ad (for starters/to test) - and I see that House Ads are getting a good number of impressions - but the earlier ads are getting 50% of earlier impressions.

This suggests that choosing high “eCPM” for House Ads does not make them higher priority over the Admob banner ads.