New-Admob payments for last month == 23rd of this month?

Wanted to know that the last month earnings with new-admob will be paid on 23rd of this month?
well nowhere is written for this but i have heard few developers saying about this in this forum.
please say on this.

It should be on 21.

All seems to be fine in my payment settings in Admob as well as in Adsense.
Minimum payment threshold is set at $100 and payment mode is wire transfer, bank accounts are configured correctly.
Monthly payment cycle is selected as well.
My June month revenue is more than $400 and shown in the payment history as well.

But neither i got a mail nor any credit in my bank account. kindly share your experience for your first time New-Admob payment.

The process normally starts on or soon after the 21st. The actual payment is a few days later. The last two months were 25th and 27th for me.

How to know that process has been started?
I did not get any mail regarding this. checked in adsense/admob as well. there is no notification or info regarding this.
just showing the total revenue.

In Adsense there, you should be able to find the receipt somewhere in payment link. Don’t expect it to be exactly 21st, it could be up to one week late.

I just got email that they’ve done payment. Probably I will get it by the end of the week

In my experience with Admob they’ve always paid me between the 23 and 26th of each month. It’s not an exact day sort of thing. Plus i don’t usually get an email saying it has been paid. It just shows up in my bank account

Why I cannot set my mode of payment in admob even if I have $30+ revenue???

In the past 2 months, it has been consistently on the 23rd for me.