New Admob, No House Ads

Is anyone still having this problem? I am getting 0 impressions still and I have tried absolutely everything I have seen on numerous forums. I contacted admob 4 days ago and they still have not responded. These guys got to have the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with in my life. But anyway, did anyone get this working? I am losing a lot of money. I knew I shouldnt have clicked that upgrade button.

I don’t think house ads work for anyone yet. I know google is aware of the problem and they said they are trying to fix it. I doubt they are really trying because they should have fixed it by now.

Haven’t tried house ads yes, but yeah I think the general consensus is that they still don’t work.
The new Admob should be stable soon, with some luck.

Wow how is this even acceptable? Their support sucks and this has been going on for over a month. This will be the last time I use admob.

hmm…They have worked for me since I started using them a week or two ago, but the numbers definitely don’t match up and never have…25,000+ impressions daily at 93% fill rate for the app I’m using house ads in and I have 136 impressions for the last 7 days combined? That’s not even remotely close to correct, but who knows. Also, it appears that they don’t work for tablets at all…


They finally responded but everything they suggested did not help.

Thanks for contacting AdMob support and thank you for your feedback.

We have been made aware of issues with mediating House Ads in some publisher accounts. Our engineers are aware of this and are working on resolving the issue.