New Admob - Invalid Traffic in transaction history


I’ve noticed interesting entry in transcation history, it’s called “Invalid Traffic - AdMob Applications - AdWords Ads”. It happened one day after payment (23 october). It created debit on my account.

I guess it’s interesting because it may show if there are many random clicks on our account. And i guess those are random clicks which are detected (or reported by advertisers) after month end - so it’s to late to change earnings from previous month.

In my situation i had 0.05 $

I also have such entries each month since new admob. Always very low though.

So i think it’s good for us :wink:

Well, at least we get information about why the revenue was lowered. I suppose if the values were high we would also know that something is wrong and we might get banned.


I found the same line in my payments history for October (also 23 October). Now october’s earnings are still not paid but there is already ‘Invalid Traffic’ line in the payments at 19 November. I’ve noticed that despite it has date in the past this debit keeps growing. Anyone has the same thing in November?

I have this for every month, it’s slowly updated but it always stays very low (like less than $1).

Nothing in november.

0.5 $ in december. Almost all in one entry for Dec 24 - Dec 28

Anyone else has such invalid traffic in christmas?

Do anybody know how this invalid traffic is calculated? For my stats looks like there is going on some kind of geometric progression. When I first switched to new AdMob in first moth invalid traffic was 0.05 euro cents, next month 0.70 euro cents and this month is crazy. At start of this month for 2 day invalid traffic was already 4 Euros and today I’m kind shocked, that for yesterday invalid traffic is 8 Euros. It’s less than 0.8% of revenue, but I’m quite concerned if it’s continue go up in this rate every month.

I comply all rules and ads are far as possible form click-able items and I haven’t made any changes to ad position, but invalid traffic keeps increasing.

Maybe because your traffic also is increasing? I would only be concerned if invalid traffic / revenue ratio rises. Not only invalid traffic value.

Traffic increases a little bit, but not at the rate of invalid traffic.
Looks like for safety measure I will write support. I also checked stats data but I don’t saw anything unusual, no unusual CTR, nothing.

It’s strange, because I have made no changes to my ads except for few apps I switched to new AdMob which is integrated in play service. Also my revenue isn’t higher comparing to last months so more revenue, more potential invalid traffic also isn’t true. Like everyone else looks like this months revenue will be the lowest in recent months.

They cut 80$ from my 1000$ estimated earning, its nearly 8%, for Invalid Traffic - AdMob Applications - AdWords Ads, does all of you have the same percentage?

I lost 900$

What was your estimated earning then?

mine is 1.5%, but I have never seen that high during the years I used admob. The eCPM sucks for more than 2 months and now they even cut money with the name “invalid traffic”. From last 4-5 month there was no cut at all in my account

For me it’s 15% ! Highest till date. I was thinking I’m the only one, now it seems…:confused: