New AdMob - house ads

I know there are threads about the new admob but there are so many problems and questions it is hard to follow.
Maybe it would be the best to make a separate one for some of them.

House ads!

Seems they are not working, right ?

And how do you manage how much of your inventory to allocate for them ?

The eCPM in the mediation (as far as I know) only determines the order of ad networks (only eCPM floor uses the number to serve ads with eCPM>= you set).

So if we make it like this:

  1. adMob eCPM $0.30
  2. housead eCPM $0.01

what will happen ?

Do we get house ads only if “regular” adMob ad is not available ? If not, how often will our house ads be served ?


According to documentation: yes, but you may combine it with admob floor ecpm and when ad is low-priced then you’d not get admob ad and your house ad will be served.

This is EXACTLY how I am using it with the old admob - once the percentage option went away (leaving only the “by-eCPM” option) there was no way to apportion traffic.

The above method relies on there being a “low fill rate” with the “Admob eCPM floor beta” - which allows SOME traffic to trickle through to the Admob House Ads.

In fact, EVEN the Admob House Ads can fail i.e. have a 84% fill rate !! This is what allows me to show some AppBrain banner ads that way.

So I have “Admob eCPM floor beta” set to some figure. Then Admob House Ads is set to like 1/3 of that price. Then set AppBrain banner ads at say half price of the Admob House Ads.

Just to remind folks - the “eCPM” figure is only really used (for filtering ads) for the “Admob eCPM floor beta” - it is ONLY used to prioritize (in a 1, 2, 3 type manner) for everything else i.e. including the regular admob (don’t know about the “new admob”), as well as the other mediation like Admob House Ads and AppBrain banner ads as mentioned above.